Monthly Archives: August 2022

BARF Goes to Glendalough

By Susan Lambe

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?

Hallooooooooooooo-meeee 😊 #CheeseJokes

But more on that later.

Thirteen BARFlings, one IMC Hut, and the first game of Jenga of the weekend involved parking all the cars without reversing into the stonework.

Mission accomplished, we moved on to a game of Rustic Stepping Stones on the way to dinner. Some soggy socks gained, some pints of plain consumed, some Wicklow IPAs investigated, some tales of Glenmalure history shared, hop-skip-jump-splash back over the stones, and gear ready for the morning’s adventures.

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Alice and Adam, Hard as Flint!!

A settled forecast bodes well for this year’s Seven Sevens and it was correct for we enjoyed one of the best days ever on the course. The ground was dry following a month of below-average rainfall and a breeze for most of the day kept the temperatures at manageable levels along with some high cloud cover.

Seventy three runners gathered on the playing field outside Shimna College and galloped off into the forest at ten o clock in the wake of the challenge walkers who had set off in the preceding hours. Last year’s winner, Mourne Runner Adam Cunningham gradually pulled away and reached the summit of Donard in 43.18 about a minute ahead of the pack. Alice Flint of BARF was also going well and it was good to see her back in action following recovery from a broken arm.

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Laugavegur Ultra Maraþon, Iceland

by Rónán Davison-Kernan

The Laugavegur is a 53 km trail in the Icelandic highlands, an area almost but not quite entirely unlike its Scottish namesake. It connects the ridiculously beautiful geothermal area of Landmannalaugar with the ridiculously beautiful valley of Þorsmörk (pronounced “Thorsmerk”). Most things in Iceland are ridiculously beautiful, except the weather, which given its North Atlantic location is uncannily familiar to anyone who has spent any time in Donegal.

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