Turkey Trot – 2017 Results


Pos Forename Surname Category Club Time
1 Seamus Lynch M Newcastle AC* 00:55:03
2 Paul Pruzina MU23 CU Hare & Hounds 00:55:17
3 Jack Millar MU23 Ambleside AC 00:58:42
4 David Hicks M Newcastle AC* 00:58:43
5 Colm Murtagh MV35 Newcastle AC* 00:59:02
6 Tom Ferrington MV40 Corstorphine AC 01:02:43
7 Alex Brennan MV40 NIMRA* 01:05:23
8 Clive Bailey MV40 Mourne Runners* 01:05:25
9 Patrick Higgins M Newcastle AC* 01:06:46
10 Peter Thompson M BARF* 01:06:51
11 Billy Reed MV50 East Antrim* 01:06:59
12 Dale Mathers MV50 Mourne Runners* 01:07:10
13 Neil Andrews M East Down AC* 01:07:37
14 Ciaran Denvir M East Down AC* 01:07:51
15 Jamie Thin MV50 Hunters Bog Trotters 01:09:04
16 Alistair Haddow MV50 Unattached 01:09:07
17 Barry Mullan MV40 Springwell 01:09:09
18 Pete Grant MV50 Newcastle AC* 01:09:28
19 Dee Murray MV45 East Down AC* 01:09:32
20 Roger Aiken M Dromore AC 01:09:42
21 Maurice Harte MV40 Team Purple 01:10:18
22 Ryan McHenry M Willowfield 01:10:59
23 Bethany Haugh FU23 Mourne Runners* 01:11:23
24 Colin Armstrong M Dromore AC 01:12:45
25 Mark Rafferty M Annadale Striders 01:14:38
26 Ivan Millar MV45 Unattached 01:15:01
27 Tim Wilson MV40 BARF* 01:15:06
28 Stephen Graham M Newcastle AC* 01:15:09
29 Colm McGarry M Belfast Running Club 01:15:29
30 Jeff Sempey MV40 BARF* 01:15:35
31 Nigel Jeff MV50 Buxton AC 01:16:09
32 Moire O’Sullivan FV40 NIMRA* 01:16:41
33 Stuart Maxwell MV40 BARF* 01:16:51
34 Hugh Suffern MV55 Dromore AC 01:17:04
35 Aaron Shimmons M BARF* 01:17:23
36 Alan Richardson MV40 Unattached 01:18:51
37 Mari Troeng F Newcastle AC* 01:19:23
38 Ronan Kernan M Unattached 01:20:08
39 Sam McNeilly F Newcastle AC* 01:20:48
40 Michael Cultra MV40 East Down AC* 01:22:03
41 Trevor Wilson MV55 BARF* 01:22:22
42 Mervyn Donaldson MV60 Mourne Runners* 01:22:38
43 Stephen Cassidy MV45 Murlough AC* 01:25:00
44 Jim Larkin MV40 Dub Runners* 01:25:08
45 Maol Larkin M Ballygallet AC 01:25:09
46 Johnny Erskine MU23 East Down AC* 01:25:51
47 Denise Mathers FV50 Mourne Runners* 01:26:01
48 Ciaran McAleenan MV55 Mourne Runners* 01:26:38
49 Christian Wareikis MV45 Unattached 01:26:41
50 Declan Magee MV50 Newcastle AC* 01:27:21
51 Jim Erskine MV50 East Down AC* 01:28:18
52 Andrew McGibbon MV50 BARF* 01:28:43
53 Catherine McIntosh FV40 Newcastle AC* 01:28:48
53 Jack Shannon M Unattached 01:28:48
55 Una Megoran F Murlough AC* 01:28:51
56 Colm Devlin MV50 Murlough AC* 01:28:52
57 Paul Conway MV40 Unattached 01:30:50
58 William Galvin MV50 Petersfield Tri 01:33:02
59 Gordon Glenn M North Belfast Harriers 01:34:06
60 Andy Bridge MV55 BARF* 01:34:35
61 David Glass MV50 Unattached 01:34:54
62 Alwynne Shannon FV55 Unattached 01:35:17
63 Wayne Storey MV40 Unattached 01:35:47
64 Ricky Cowan MV65 Mourne Runners* 01:35:59
65 John McGreevy MV40 Roxy Runners 01:36:13
66 Bronagh McInerney FV45 Newcastle AC* 01:36:20
67 Peter Magowan M Unattached 01:39:23
68 Joanne Thin FV50 Carnethy AC 01:39:38
69 Tom Mallon MV50 Unattached 01:45:36
70 Pat Shields FV55 Newcastle AC* 01:46:43
71 Dave Fulcher MV55 Murlough AC* 01:48:23
72 Sharon Dickenson FV40 Orangegrove AC* 01:48:25
73 Eoghan Rainey MV40 Orangegrove AC* 01:48:29
74 Liam Smyth MV45 Murlough AC* 01:52:18
75 Peter Lynch MV55 Unattached 01:54:47
76 Debra Jordan FV50 Ballydrain Harriers 01:55:28
77 Judith Robinson FV50 Murlough AC* 01:59:08


Turkey Trot 2017

Once again Christmas is nearly upon us and the annual Boxing day migration of mountain runners to the Trassey Track car park for the Turkey Trot race will be occurring. It would be a big help if as many competitors as possible could share lifts as car parking space is restricted. The race start time is 12.00am.

The Turkey Trot may be regarded as a bit of a fun event, and indeed we want to keep it as light
hearted as possible, but please remember that the mountains in winter can be a dangerous place so please heed the rules and come prepared. You should choose your running clothing to suit the expected conditions and footwear which will give you grip in the potentially icy conditions which often occurs on the high sections of the course. Full waterproof body cover must be carried along with a hat and gloves. The other mandatory items of kit are a map, whistle, and compass and although not mandatory, I would recommend runners carry a foil space blanket or bag which can be a lifesaver if you become immobilised in the wilds. There will be a kit check before the race. Unfortunately, you cannot enter this race if you are under the age of 18 years. Also, dogs are not allowed. If the weather forecast turns bad please check this site in the days preceding the event for more information.

Following the race, there will be mince pies, mulled wine and other goodies at the Northern Ireland Mountain Centre and a selection of prizes of dubious nature supplied by members of BARF.

Binnian Integrale – BARF Social

Back in Spring, we had quite an interesting club social. Read on for the official report 🙂

The BARF social calendar once again swung into action on Sunday 7th May, with our own Dawson Stelfox hosting a dedicated scramble and climb over Binnian. The challenge was to climb to the top of every Tor along the crest of Binnian with a choice of easy scrambling or more demanding climbing and finish up at Binnian true Summit.

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Turkey Trot 2016 – Race Report

Normally Christmas trees are cut and extracted from the forest well before the big day but this year one of our first tasks was to remove one which had fallen across the Trassey track, near the start line. The icy gales of the preceding night had brought it down and though the sky was cobalt blue, those Baltic winds were still blowing hard as the runners set off. They would also have to deal with ice and slippery conditions on the high sections of the course.

Top 3 men (r-l Jack, Paul, Zak)

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The Castle to Castles Challenge

As part of the ongoing BARF Social calendar, the June event would see 12 Barfers make a 20 mile run from Dundrum Castle to The Castles on the Southside of Commedagh in the Mournes and return, taking in the stunning scenery of Murlough, hence ‘The Castle to Castles Challenge’.

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Scottish Islands Peak Race 2016

Taryn McCoy and Brian Linton teamed up for the 2016 Scottish Islands Peaks Race – an adventure race for teams of Sailors and Fell Runners on and around the most beautiful parts of the West Coast of Bonny Scotland.
Start in Oban
Brian also sails and has taken part in this event on 4 previous years with the same sailing crew. It’s a fantastic event, a real adventure and a race so full of variables and tactics meaning teamwork and ability to adapt are absolute key. The weather has a huge impact on the outcome of this event. This year whilst it was ideal for us as runners, getting daylight for all the run sections and even blue sky and sunshine for Arran, the sailors however got a mix of everything.
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